Well as we seem to be stuck with v bulletin for the next few years I thought a few tutorials should be done.
Before the tutorial I should like to mention that v bulletin has brought an all new and shiny version out that has absolutely nothing that we want, I mean fuk me, these guys have spent 3 years building this new version and all there brand new shiny intergrated forum thingys we already have and have done ourselves anyway, I even looked at what ipb had to offer at $150, they are proudly announcing there all new unique forum trash bin, fuk me sideways we put our own in 2005, do these people actually use forums, there is so much that they could do and they all have seemed to have completely missed the point, they would probably make great microsoft employees, bunch of wankers.

So onto signatures, these show once per page and need a certain amount of words in the post to actually show, they are limited I think to 5 lines of text to protect us all from idiots, they will only show when you have reached a certain amount of posts, I think at present it is 5 but that will go up as the amount of spammers increase.

First off click on "User CP" then "Edit Signature".

Next you get your preview panel and editing panel, chuck whatever you want in your editing panel and click submit, thats it.