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    Flu! kill or cure..

    Seems to be a lot of flu about this time time of the year, appears to have struck early.

    In the UK they advertise for the flu jab immunisation about now and it generally works.

    I've been paying 10 for the shot for the last 7 years after a particularly bad episode which saw me bed ridden for a forthnight and my ribs separated from their tissue due to excessive coughing.

    Anyway, i've concocted a cure.

    One over the counter 50mg cough suppressant aka

    And ...

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    06-10-2018 @ 05:27 PM
    Yesterday was a dank, damp, miserable day. Bit cooler than usual in the evening and last night too. I was out all day and when I got back in I fast became freezing cold and feverish, switched off the air for the first time ever of an evening I was so cold. Nose felt like it was blocking, itchy legs too. Weird. Started nodding off and waking up, finally fell asleep in bed properly at 5am.

    Was gonna give it til this morning and maybe visit a hospital.

    But woke up feeling back to normal.

    First I put it down to the fever the Thais always say you can get if you get wet in the rain. Or something I ate? I didn't have anything unusual, krappow moo and rice/egg for dinner.

    And strange that so many are feeling off colour.


    May have been the odourless cockroach/ant spray I put about in the kitchen though. That's the only thing I did yesterday that wasn't in my regular daily routine. It doesn't smell so you tend to forget it's in the air after a few minutes. If I'd sprayed the normal stuff that reeks of parrafin I'd have gone out for an hour or so.

    So I must have breathed a lot of that in. That's the only thing it could have been. It is toxic after all.

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    23-11-2018 @ 10:37 AM
    Very fokin nasty when it hits.

    No fun at all innit.

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    13-01-2019 @ 05:13 PM
    My grandad died of the flu- he was 26!

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    Another way in which mother nature thins the herd...

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