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    Irritable bowel syndrome

    Irritable bowel syndrome an umbrella term for individual gut conditions, research breakthroughs find

    Researchers in New South Wales have made significant breakthroughs in the understanding of factors causing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
    The scientists from the University of Newcastle (UON) and Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI)
    now believe IBS is a collection of individual diseases, rather than one illness.
    The results of the study have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, with researchers hoping it will
    re-frame understanding of the condition around the world.

    Professor Nicholas Talley, pro vice-chancellor of global research at UON, said IBS is a condition affecting many Australians.

    IBS a collection of diseases

    Professor Talley said researchers now believe IBS is an umbrella term for individual gut-related diseases.

    He said those individual diseases include: people being genetically pre-disposed to gut issues, some patients developing
    the condition after a gut infection, and some people having a chronic gut infection which causes the symptoms.

    "We're starting to recognise that IBS is not one disease, but many diseases," Professor Talley said.

    "We've started to pick out some of the mechanisms, some of the causes for this set of problems.

    "We found a particular gene that's linked to IBS and it appears to be important in some people with this disease.
    It's actually a mutation.

    "We've also found that there's probably a chronic infection of the large bowel that's linked to this disease and we're doing
    more research to sort out how to best treat this and identify it.

    But it looks promising.
    More of the Article ... Here

    Is Diet the Key? ... Here

    and, if you are game ...
    Take the Poo tests ... Here

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    I was recommended 'Bimuno' when travelling to avoid upset stomach. It worked in West Africa for me and Asia. I then read it could help people with IBS, one of which is my son. He tried it and after just 10 days all was good, in fact very good. 4 years he suffered previously. its worth a try but of course DYOR.

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