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Struggling to get results from exercise? Here's some hard truths you might need to hear.

Exercise and fat loss are sensitive subjects to broach, even for personal trainers.
There are uncomfortable truths every trainer has needed to drop on clients who struggle to get results.

Here is some advice you probably don't want to hear but probably need to.
2/ Exercise isn't a punishment it's a privilege

In general, it's the people who've never had to live without their health, or haven't ever been healthy in the first place, who treat exercise like retribution.

They moan and roll their eyes during sessions, make excuses and work really hard to avoid working hard.
If only they channelled all that energy into just doing some exercise then getting on with their day.

If you're able-bodied enough to workout, please understand that it's a privilege.
There are so many people who do value their health and would love to be in your position, but can't.
It has been drilled into us that staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight drastically reduces our chance of developing serious diseases and dying young.

But it seems like many people don't believe that applies to them.
Most of us don't think twice about paying for house and car insurance, but investing in life insurance by looking after our health?

Nah, don't need that.

We're all invincible until we're not.

So let me give you some real-world examples of how fitness insures you.
  • Fitness is my 52-year-old mum back at the gym climbing a rope eight weeks after her hysterectomy and bladder reconstruction, while her inactive friend of a similar age suffered a prolapse while cleaning the bathroom.
  • It's my 30-year-old client surviving major, life-threatening surgery. When she recovered, the surgeon explained that her getting fit and strong before the operation made the difference between her living and dying.
These are regular people like you and I'm just one personal trainer. I know many others have similar stories.

1/ (Exercise and fat loss - 1/ Being thin won't solve your problems)
3/ (Exercise and fat loss - 3/ Sleep is the key to pretty much everything)
4/ (Exercise and fat loss - 4/ You can't out-train a bad diet)