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    Exercise and fat loss - 1/ Being thin won't solve your problems

    It's a long article and the various sub-sections are almost worthy of being a thread unto-itself.

    So, I'll reproduce the whole article over 4 threads so you can skip to the relevant section for you.

    Also, it's an opinion piece, rather then a medical finding.

    1 / 4

    Struggling to get results from exercise? Here's some hard truths you might need to hear.

    Exercise and fat loss are sensitive subjects to broach, even for personal trainers.
    There are uncomfortable truths every trainer has needed to drop on clients who struggle to get results.

    Here is some advice you probably don't want to hear but probably need to.
    1/ Being thin won't solve your problems

    Get the inside right and the outside will fall into place.
    OK, it's not that simple, but my point is, losing 30 kilos or being able to see your abs isn't going to fix everything in your life that's not quite right.

    Yes, it will solve a lot of your health issues, but don't expect it to repair your self-esteem or make life exponentially better.

    For many overweight people, psychological issues have played a role in their excess kilos.
    Many of us have deep-seated issues that stem from really lousy things happening to us, usually in childhood.

    These issues manifest in lots of different ways.

    For me, it's anxiety, while for others it's a war with their weight.

    Of course, changing your lifestyle and getting healthy is a fantastic idea. However, if you aren't addressing the underlying issues that

    caused you to become overweight in the first place, there's a good chance you'll end up right back at the start.

    ... and 'round you go again.

    It's easy to think that if you just lose the weight then you'll finally be happy.
    Unfortunately, the results of this mindset are common.

    Those 30 kilos are gone, but the destructive thoughts and behaviours that helped you gain them initially are not.

    There's only so long you can bury them, so talk to a professional and learn to understand their root cause.

    I can tell you from personal experience that you won't regret it.

    2/ (Exercise and fat loss - 2/ Exercise isn't a punishment it's a privilege)
    3/ (Exercise and fat loss - 3/ Sleep is the key to pretty much everything)
    4/ (Exercise and fat loss - 4/ You can't out-train a bad diet)

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    That's all good Dave, but couldn't you have just put all the parts as separate posts in the same thread? Might be a little hard to keep track of?

    Anyways, had a quick scan and most of it looks like good info to me.

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