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    Quote Originally Posted by NZdick1983 View Post
    ^ Thanks for that ENT...

    Any excuse to guzzle gallons of milk, much appreciated... (love the stuff).. no hormones in Kiwi milk since forever (so I'm told) it's illegal... chickens too... was a rumor, but our Kiwi milk is hormone free... correct me if I'm wrong mate...
    True. Not only that but it's anti-biotic free, as in NZ, cows needing antibiotics (eg. for mastitis) are milked separately from the herd and the milk discarded.

    When raising my kids in Golden Bay NZ the kids and I would head down to the milking shed across the road with our milk can and buy a gallon of warm, raw, yellow, nearly 5% butterfat, creamy milk fresh out of the Jersey cows lined up being milked.....guzzle great gobfulls of the stuff on the way back up the hill home.

    Also, last time back in NZ, I visited Golden Bay again where I was pleased to see more raw milk being sold than ever before in the past.

    The time before, at a communal farm there, it was the greatest joy to sit down on a stool in the paddock of a summer morning to milk the bloated udder of our Jersey cow, I only had to half milk her, as she was feeding a calf, then after it had had its share, another farm member milked her dry in the evening.

    Again, pouring that rich warm milk down my throat before divying it up, a quart AG jar at a time per family on my return walk, sitting for a chat and a spliff or a coffee, or fresh poached free range eggs on home-ground wheat bread,....heaven on earth .
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    ^ Good to hear... must replenish my stock of Magnesium tablets - to balance all the milk I drink...

    My Nan's Mum had a farm out West (Waitakere) Nana used to milk the cows... my nan is 95, still has a stronger grip than me.. they were a poor family, no shoes, kids were so cold walking to school, they would put their feet in cowpat to warm them..

    They made 'em tough back then, that's for sure..

    Sorry, completely off topic guys... ENTS fault... heh..

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    No shoes ?

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