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    Quote Originally Posted by kmart View Post
    There is a long-running "Gout Thread" on TD already: (Gout - The Gout thread)

    Also, this site is very good:
    -Baking soda recommended to combat blood acidity; but people with high blood pressure or hypertension need to think about this.

    As someone who used to get bad Gout attacks some years ago, I did a fair bit of research after the usual shite from Thai doctors regarding; "don't eat chicken, or "anything that flies". Utter rubbish.
    I am very fit, play sports, etc, not overweight. Just prone to gout attacks, same as my Dad.
    Firstly, you don't even need elevated Uric acid levels to get a gout attack. Crystals form at the joints as white blood cells attack "invading" uric acid, even small amounts can prompt this, depending on your genetic makeup and diet.
    Alcohol, especially dark alcohol; whisky, port, brandy, etc (red wine for me) is a massive trigger for gout. Also processed meats; sausages, bacon (sorry), etc.

    Some healthy foods like tomatoes (eg) have very high acid content (look at the pH values of foods supplied on the second link). Everyone is different, though booze and processed meats are a common trigger. Different foods also produce different blood sugar spikes in different people, which imo is also related to Gout.
    For an attack of gout, I always found Voltaren and Colchicine to be the best reactive meds to stave it off quickly. Allopurinol as a pro-active long term med if you get high Uric acid.
    I've been relatively gout-free now for over 10 years, with baking soda and just some small modifications to my diet. Enjoy a few beers at the weekend without any problems now also. As per the other running thread on this page; apple cider vinegar is also a good preventative gout measure, amongst other things.
    Well you got all that right IMO.

    Suffered since I was 18 years old...or around there.

    Colchicine is a very old remedy (It works)...but it's a poison.It helps the body get rid of the Urates and everything else! If the Colchicine levels become toxic, and they can...Look out.It's like the worst diarrhea that you have ever had.Not great for the kidneys either.

    Normally (But not always) gout is Hereditary. If you have a touch of the tar in your family, then you have five times more chance of getting this disease.

    Lots and lots of water and staying away from foods high in purines.

    Allopurinol and ice packs work for me.Been taking Allopurinol since I was in my 20's.Allopurinol is a preventer. Plus NSAIDS.

    Get Acute Gout and you will think that the world is coming to it's end. It scares the living shite out of me to even think about it. Get this and the best remedy is a cortisone injection into the joint.I'd rather jam my prick in a car door before I would do this again.(And I've done it three times)......Not the door I take my Allopurinol every day without fail.

    My Uncle was one of the worst cases in the country...followed by my old man. Had a blood study done on him by a professor at the Auckland med school many years ago.

    Stress is also a large contributor and can bring on attacks. This phenomenon was first noticed by medical staff during the second world war.

    Alcohol is a diuretic, so it is the last thing that you need. Good hydration is a plus.

    Crystals normally form in the extremities, where the blood is cooler. That's why it is common in the toes . Get it the knee or any other large joint and the pain can be 10 fold

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    I have been in the Fellowship of AA since 1984 & never had gout. That means zilch.
    We all get our share of shit in different forms and degrees. Now, I do not fight Nature. I will not mention as this is not the correct platform.
    My daily goal is to live life on life's terms, listen to and empathize with others. Give another being a helping hand if appropriate & mind my own business (the hardest part). As a result of physical pain, I average 2 hours sleep per night. Now that I accept this phenomenon, life is good.

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    Potassium Citrate?

    Quote Originally Posted by stroller
    Yep, better still potassium instead of sodium, my alkaline mix contains a high %.

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    Gout Prevention - Mayo Clinic

    This may help. Basically become a vegetarian and avoid acidic vegetables. I believe chillis are safe so she should be happy with that (if she is thai).
    Tell your wife that the above in conjunction with sex at least 3 times a week will ease the symptoms.
    Works for me.

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