Was walking through the local village market as my lovely wife was buying a styly'n new pair of rubber work boots and saw this hill tribe lady working up these little balls from a bowl full of yellow goo and throwing them in a deep oil fryer. What amazed me right away was that the oil was fresh and clear, not black like every other place trying to use unobtainium oil for month after month. Since I saw right away that this was a high class operation I hung out awhile. Wife shows up and immediately wants to wear her new boots and starts changing. (Like me, she likes the simple things in life!) I ask her what those yellow balls are and she tells me they are kai nok kra ta or eggs of a kra ta bird which apparently does NOT lay eggs made out of sweet potato but does make for a great name for a Northern Thai snack. A quick transaction and we take away a bagfull as hot as the surface of the sun, cooked in the newest oil available in Thailand. After I fully burn 60 percent of the inside of my mouth, I can tell you that kai nok kra ta is good! I'm buying more as soon as I can, even before my mouth heals. If I wait, that oil is going black.