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    Chainam Restaurant Ayutthaya U Thong Road

    Chainam Restaurant, Ayutthaya, U Thong Road.
    Now this place most tourists wont find due to the main sign being in Thai and that you have to walk through a horrid shophouse to actually get there, it is right near the old prison in Ayutthaya and the Hua Raw Chinese Market.

    The good bits about the restaurant;
    It has had loads of good reviews in the papers and other media stuck all over the walls, toast and jam is only 3baht, now this was quite a shock as the average Thai dish was 80 to 120baht, and no we aint talking lobster here, the food was pretty good, no lumps of fat or gristle or skin.

    The bad bits about the restaurant;
    I shall try to keep this short but doubt if I will be able to first off the service was awfull, 15 minutes for the first dish and then every 5 to 10 minutes a next dish arrives, now there was 4 of us and 2 other customers in the place, the 2 other customers had already eaten, so they got 6 customers and 4 service staff and probably one wok, the prices they were charging for Thai dishes we could have gone to any other restaurant in Ayutthaya and had the same meal probably cheaper and with better service.

    The second main problem is that the service staff love there poxy cats, now these poxy cats really should have been thrown in the river at birth inside a sack, but nope they kept the poxy things so now they just hassle the customers, obviously when they see that the customers are really getting pissed off with these rabid cats they come and take them away and play and stroke them, never saw one of them wash their hands though, so if your into basic hygene this may not be the place for you.

    Sandbagged up and ready for Ayutthaya's flood's.

    The view is ok over the Chao Phraya River.

    Notice the nice chipped bowls.

    I was living in hope the flash would scare this cat away, I was wrong

    Onto the food, mine was chicken and cashew nuts.

    Sweet and sour chicken for another.

    Tom yum.

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