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    Erotica Nana plaza

    Went for a drinky at Nana last night and stopped by a newish bar 'Erotica' on the second floor.

    I think Wally and Marmers would like this one.

    Lot's of school girls being very naughty.....well not that naughty.
    Would you believe some girls were dancing with nothing on!

    I was shocked........................................... the price of a beer!

    A Google search turned up the following..

    Erotica is a recent addition to Nana Plaza. The bar is well hidden, especially for newcomers. Take the stairs on the left when entering Nana Plaza. When arriving on the second floor, take the flight of stairs in front of you, while neglecting the 'thugs' who want to drag you inside Rainbow 3 and Mercury bar.
    The fact that this bar is well hidden is rather a bonus. We would not recommend to visit this place which has a rather disconcerting business model.
    The place has a lower and upper floor with a transparent ceiling in between. Since a while no girls have been dancing on the upper floor though, certainly not later in the evening.
    The girls dance during three or four songs each turn. So when a girl is sitting with you, you will not exactly have a lot of time to communicate before she disappears to go on stage again.
    The stage has barstools on one site. Not much place to put your beer, which is in constant danger of being kicked over by the girls dancing.
    It actually happened on two occasions to one of us. A girl moved around a bit to energetically and kicked over one of our beers. One time it even happened before we sipped our drink. Interestingly, the waitresses expect you to order and pay for another new drink, instead of giving you a free drink without much fuss. Even going to have a little chat to talk to the cashier will not solve this simple problem.

    So when this happened to us again lately, we decided to not bother anymore with Erotica bar. After all, there are many girls and many bars to choose from. Certainly, dishonest practices may happen anyplace around Nana Plaza. But we experienced them at Erotica bar. So we will not visit again for probably about a year, and hope for new management and new practices by the time we visit next.

    (If you have any comments about this or improper practices at other bar, send us an e-mail)

    This is a 'fast-turnover' bar - more

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    Lot's of school girls being very naughty
    I doubt it.

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