Well as we didn't go out today, ie as in a family unit type thing, I mean I went and out and had a few beers but she stayed at home I decided to treat her.

Now this is a real nice romantic sea food restaurant, yes I know I made the mistake of taking the galfriend, but sometimes you have to do things like that, anyway it's owned by some farang so the staff are actually attentive and helpful, as we drove in some guy helped me park, although I have been quite adept at using the reverse gear for the last 20 odd years he felt I needed the help, he then even opened the passenger door for me galfriend,I bet the fok wouldn't have done that if I had gone in me truck.

Anyway as you go in you get to see which animal you want killed and grilled.

and here he was

and here he is on the table, now if I had known that this foker was gonna cost 300baht I think I would have gone for a nice steak.

Still it is quite a nice place and they also got seating on the beach.

The whole meal with one large proper beer, ie heineken was 760baht, yep 10 quid for the 3 of us