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Thread: Can That Wine!

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    Can That Wine!

    ...I haven't seen this packaging advance on bkk shelves...yet:

    We Taste-Tested 10 Canned Wines So You Don't Have To
    Whites, rosés, reds, and bubblies

    By Joel Stein

    The wine-in-a-can revolution began its ascent in 2004 when film director, hotelier, and winemaker Francis Ford Coppola introduced Sofia Blanc de Blanc, a gift to his daughter, which also came with an attached straw. Over the years, the Sofia collection has mimicked the overall growth of canned wine, expanding to include canned takes on riesling, still rosé, chardonnay, and, this year, the Sofia Brut Rosé.

    As of last summer, sales of canned wine were as much as $14.5 million, more than doubling the sales from the previous year. A study of millennials indicates that while they consider boxed wine déclassé, they are down with cans that have large, bright graphics. This summer there are more nonsparkling options than ever, including Trader Joe’s in-house line of sparkling white and rosé, called Simpler Wines, which sells for $1 a can.

    Although I’m a horrifying wine snob, I like to think of myself as container-agnostic, one who accepts screw-tops, plastic corks, boxed wine, even the growler I once had in the Finger Lakes district of New York. If I had to, I’d have no problem drinking Château Latour out of my hands... continue the article and for pics and reviews of canned wines:
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    It's taken me a while to admit that the boxed stuff I drink is OK. But out of a can? Not sure. You can also buy wine in milk cartons here, not sure about them either.

    If i go to someone's house or have friends over i do buy a couple of bottles. It's a pain to trudge to the bottle bank too!!

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