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    A few years back my Thai wife and I attended a family reunion in Canada.
    By popular request my dear wife cooked up a massive Thai food banquet. Everyone impressed and devouring all with relish.

    Unfortunately my poor old dad munched down on several small hot chili peppers believing them to be sliced tomatoes…not a happy camper ....up chucking for an hour or so!

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    I upchuck when I go to Spicy as well.
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    I think it's extremely presumptuous that so much Thai food has chilli, as not everyone in Thailand likes it. Not to mention foreigners in Thailand.

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    Reminds me of a few years back when staying at the Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur.

    I was stood at the egg station in the breakfast room ordering my Indian omelette - onions, chilies and coriander - when in walked a tour group of mainly American senior citizens on one of these 'Orient Express' types tours of India by luxury train.

    They appeared happy to be away from the confines of the train and were eager to enjoy a good breakfast

    They saw the pretty colours on the plate I was being handed so a fair few of them ordered the same and sat down to eat.

    I almost choked on my food as almost in unison as they bit into the chilies they screamed their disapproval of the omelette and rushed back to the egg station demanding the omelette be replaced with fried eggs

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    They serve those in Kenya as well, with a good handful of cheese. Yummy!!

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