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    Sattahip street food, dogs and noodles

    Well last night I had to go to Sattahip to pick some stuff up so decided to treat the girlfriend to a slap up meal, it's about 30 kms from Pattaya so not to much of a drive.

    With all the roads being resurfaced though I got a bit lost and ended up going the wrong way down a oneway Soi, she then suggested going the wrong way down the next one aswell but luckily it was only a 50 meter walk and even Thai's can manage that if there is a reward at the end of the journey.

    This street is next to the sea and is a Soi of restaurants and street food, albeit low end ones where the average price is 30baht per dish, so I ordered the noodle soup with proper beef and no beef meat balls, as you can see and as expected they stuck beef meatballs in it, now in the UK they compress all the crappiest of the animal parts into things like burgers and sausages, here those parts are just eaten normally, so it does make me wonder what they compress into their beefballs and how they manage to get that unique disgusting flavour, anyway apart from not eating them the noodle soup was pretty good.

    Anyway they had just about every food stall you could think of in a 100 meter stretch so it's not too bad.

    The fruit juice and milo stall.

    The wok man frying up his stuff.

    It suprised me the amount of Soi dogs hanging around the place, reminded me of Pattaya many years ago before the farangs and police started culling the rabid beasts, these ones in Sattahip all looked pretty well fed though and not mange ridden things that looked like they had been in a nuclear fallout zone.

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