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    Wayne Kerr's Restaurant Reviews

    When in Bangkok I usually while away the daylight hours having long “liquid lunches” down near the river. Good restaurants for me are those where I can sit back and cop the serenity, have a cold beer, and eat one or two things out of the ordinary.

    I hope you enjoy!

    The Navy Restaurant near the Grand Palace

    Well this is what I call it. Just near the Tha Chang river taxi stop opposite Wat Phra Kaew. Great view of the river and Wat Arun.

    ^ Located somewhere inside the red box – faster and cheaper to get there by river taxi. There is also lots of parking there for customers.

    ^ Big anchor out the front of the place is pretty hard to miss

    ^ There is usually sign like this that can help you find your way in case you missed the anchor

    ^ Just go in the door on the lower left, then turn left and follow your nose

    ^ View from the tables down over Wat Arun.

    ^ Quite close to the Tha Chang river taxi stop as you can see

    ^ The yellow things are big chicken wings stuffed with crab meat and fried in batter . The seafood platter is also good.

    Overall, this is a very relaxing place to get slowly sloshed. Service is fine, they serve cold draught beer in jugs, and you’d be hard pressed to find better food in that part of town. The only downside is the river taxis can be a bit noisy, so avoid the place if you’re hung over. Total cost for 6 of us (I guess about 10 dishes) and lots of beer was about 2000 baht.
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    What's eating by river if you don't get deafened by the longtails? It's all part of the deal.Looks like a great spot.

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