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    Durian pizza a hit in Shanghai

    Durian pizza a hit in Shanghai
    22 May 2013

    A restaurant in Shanghai is offering affluent middle-class Chinese with a growing taste for the exotic a popular, if unusual, dish - pizza with a Thai durian topping.

    One of Thailand's most popular snacks, the pungent "king of fruits" has also long been used in desserts, cakes and even ice cream.

    The restaurant in Shanghai has taken it a step further, with its menu offering a Thai durian topping on a pizza.

    This unusual dish is the main drawcard of Blue & Brown, a cafe in downtown Shanghai, according to a report on Channel NewsAsia.

    Since opening in September 2012, the outlet has been selling an average of 70 durian pizzas each day, said owner Dai Ge.

    With imported frozen durian from Thailand, cheese and a secret sauce, it has become a hit with Chinese students and young executives.

    "Durian and pizza are originally unrelated, but this is quite wonderful," one customer is quoted as saying.

    "There's a thick layer of cheese on top which masks the strong taste of the durian," said another.

    Rising affluence among the middle-class Chinese has spurred demand for the exotic fruit.

    Importers at a wholesale market say that during the durian peak season in June they can sell up to US$3,000 of the fruit each day.

    China's imports of the durians increased by about 20% between 2009 and 2010 to US$150 million.

    Thailand had monopoly over the durian market till 2011, when China allowed Malaysian imports as well.

    But Chinese fruit retailers say the "golden pillow" durian (mon thong in Thai) shipped by sea from Thailand and known for its thinner shell and pungent, soft flesh - is still the best-seller in the market.

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    durian is a great fruit ....its packed with vitamins .....on a ship i was on once the steward threw them overboard thinking they had gone off ...

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    Last but who gives a shit.
    As a fruit I quite like it but can't see it being nice on pizza. I like my pizza spicey.

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