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    Gai Yang or BBQ Chicken

    Gai Yang or BBQ Chicken at 5 to 10 baht a skewer is a Thai national bargain, there really isn't a better snack than some freshly cooked BBQ chicken, and it's available just about every where in Thailand you can think of, from the smallest village to the major highways of Bangkok.

    Whether your on a boat.

    Just out doing the weekly shopping trip.

    Or visiting your local market, it's cheap, it's quick, and fills a gap.

    Hell, you could even make a meal of it, chicken satay anyone?

    If it's your first time in Thailand then hit those BBQ food stalls, they generally have the chicken, some pork skewers, sometimes beef, also many of the stalls do say slices of pork on a skewer with a slice of chili, pineapple, some onion and a small cherry tomato, all for 10 baht, there is a great choice and lots of variation on the differernt BBQ's that are there for the eating.

    More Thai Recipes.

    Thai Food For Newbies

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    I love Gai Yang !! Absolutely perfect for eating in between Bars , Bar ! Drink four or five Beers , leave Bar , oh look !! there's a little Gai Yang place , stop wait for a few minutes while said Chicken BBQ's , eat ... Next Bar and repeat as many times as possible ... Great cheap and easy way of eating while drinking !! Yep gets my thumbs up every time ...
    Travel lightly ....

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