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    Moo Yang or BBQ Pig

    BBQ pig or moo yang, if your out for a drive and getting a bit peckish you can treat yourself to a whole roasted pig, well, piglet actually, outside on the outskirts of many villages you will find fruit stalls, BBQ chicken stalls, and on the odd occasion the roast pig stall, here you can buy a complete roast pig including head for around 400baht, of course if you are in Pattaya any bar that is having a party will have roast pig on offer, these will be a lot larger than the piglets sold on the roadside so you got to reckon on 3,000baht upwards for a nice large one to keep a party going, if you like fat you will certainly love these as it is just dripping from them and the carvers aren't professional butchers so have a lot to learn about different cuts to meat, still a great way to stuff yourself though

    Small Tester Version of Moo Yang


    Serves: 8

    1,5 kg pork shoulder, without much fat
    2 tablespoons sesame oil
    3 tablespoons whisky
    2 teaspoons salt
    3 tablespoons light soy sauce
    5 tablespoons sugar
    3 tablespoons honey
    8 garlic cloves, finely chopped
    2 tablespoons fresh ginger root, very finely chopped

    Preparation method

    Prep: 10 mins | Cook: 20 mins

    Cut the pork shoulder into strips, about 5cm wide x 4 cm high x 15 cm long.
    Mix the remaining ingredients well. Marinate the pork strips overnight in the refrigerator.
    When ready for barbecuing, pull the pork from the marinade. Let come to room temperature, while the coals are heating.
    Boil the left-over marinate in a pot for 5 or so minutes to kill possible bacteria and thicken the marinate into a sauce.
    Barbecue the pork pieces on the hot grill, brushing with the boiled marinated every now and then.
    Serve hot or cold with fresh vegetables and pineapples.

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    Thai Food For Newbies

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    I love moo yang.

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    The old German Beer Garden in Bangkok, I think it was suk soi 23 before it moved used to do a great one every friday night. It's now on 11 but being all indoors doesn't quite have the same feel.

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    I thought it was moo hun

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