Katorn or the Lolly Fruit as it is known as you need to suck the sweet center from the seeds is high in antioxidants, it also contains vitamins A, B1 and C, in addition to having certain amount of calcium, carbohydrate, iron, fiber, phosphorus, protein and vitamin B3, so pretty good for you health wise, it is in season May to August.

Supposedly the outer layer is firm and slightly sour with more of an acquired taste, but the center is soft and sweet and where you should be sucking, that's where the Lolly Fruit comes in, have to admit I have never tried these as fruit isn't really my forte, but everybody I know says they are great and delicious, just ask at a fruit stall to try one before you buy, at 20 to 40 baht per kilo it isn't going to break the bank and I have never met a fruit stall vendor who has refused someone asking to try a small fruit.

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