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Thread: Snacking!

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    Just bought a bottle of Fanta and it tasted like lau khao and it was also flat...I shan't be making such a purchase again..fool me twice shame on you, fool me once and I'll insert my genitalia into an active badger burrow..

    On the other end of the aerated beverage spectrum, we have the much acclaimed 'five baht glass bottle of Coca Cola', a positively charming way to commence brunch - coupled with a bag of Lays Originals (strictly non-ridged), you have the definitive light refreshment duo.

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    I'm ashamed to admit I like a bit of dry ginger.

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    My favourite snack with a cold beer has got to be the curly deep fried pork skin. But it must be eaten with the green dip!

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    I personally like more beer, and a ST lady. Failing that dried octopus and chilli sauce, followed by more beer and a ST lady. But im a sick fxck with NO morals. Best place i have eaten octopus and chilli is near the russian market a few minutes walk from mine. MMmm

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    What colour did you go for,Green,Red or Orange.
    Or did you make a cocktail out of them,3 colour mix not sure i fancy that.

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