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    Making Thai Sweets Khanom

    So down at the old Bangkok Market again today, seems I have foresaken Foodland and the Big C's of the world and regressed to shopping with the locals, still, do get better photos down the market, Foodland isn't really that photogenic and lets not mention Big crappy C.

    So onto Thai Khanom making, pretty sure it is a Thai sweet anyway, this one is coconut flavour with condensed milk, at least it could well be.

    So slowly pour your mix from the kettle onto the pre heated cake type tray, it's a low heat with real charcoal and stuff, ie the old way.

    The mix doesn't seem to raise much so keep topping it off, can't be selling short measures to the customers.

    Sprinkle some broken sweetcorn on top of your cakes or sweets, I think this is more for color than taste. There are also other coloured things on the table that could be used, but this batch is sweetcorn.

    Looks nearly done to me, time to sell them on

    Sold in polystyrene boxes, 10 to a box at 10baht a box I believe, cheaper than European sweets and freshly made.

    More Thai Recipes.

    Thai Food For Newbies

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    3 14-oz. cans coconut milk, or 1 3/4 cups coconut cream with 3 1/2 cups lighter coconut milk
    1/4 cup plus 1 Tbs. sugar
    2 1/2 tbsp tapioca or arrowroot flour
    3 Tbs. uncooked white rice
    1/4 cup dried, unsweetened shredded coconut
    2 cups rice flour
    2 tsp sea salt
    2 to 3 tbsp peanut or corn oil

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    I love them , but God do they put the weight on !

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    Lovely lovely and i like those Glouy Tord ( deep fried battered banana ) washed down with a plastic bag of Iced Coffee

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