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    Small rotary hoe/tiller with gasoline engine

    Does anyone have a clue where you can buy a small engine powered rotary hoe/tiller, i have checked every business i know of that could sell them around phuket but no one carry's them in stock or knows where to get one, about a 2foot/ 60 Cm cut would be all we require

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    60cm width is a lot, most small tillers/cultivators can do around 30cm width and string trimmer cultivator attachments do 20cm.
    You'll have to look for a minitractor or a walk tractor, Kubota ought to have something suitable.

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    Husqvarna in BKK has them. They aren't cheap but top quality.

    I had one in the states and silly me was convinced I wouldn't need it here and sold it. Kicking myself in the ass for that.

    I am in the market so if you find something please post a follow up if you wouldn't mind

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    An email address:

    and web site:

    Husky Mowers Thailand ? Husqvarna Garden & Lawn Products, English Speaking Sales & Service

    They allegedly have both 600 and 900 width machines.

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