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    Quote Originally Posted by Pragmatic View Post
    I have a problem regarding lawnmowers in Ting Tong Land. I sweat so much when cutting my grass, about one Rai, that the handlebars and control cables start to rust very quickly and they're fcuked after about a year or so. I've been told that I should have washed the lawnmowers down after each time I used them. So I will do that after I've replaced my current mower which won't see another season.
    To assist in preventing sweat damaging my new lawnmower, I thought about wearing 'sweat absorbing gloves' and then washing the mower after every mow. Can anyone recommend the gloves that I need?
    Maybe you could just get a length of pipe insulation split down the length and place around the parts you put your hands on. You can get it in 1/4" and 3/8" thickness and any pipe diameter to suit. Or alternatively, get the misses to crochet a couple of pieces to put over them. I've got a crochet sleeve on the frig door handle. Mine is joined with velcro for easy removal and washing. Works a treat.

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