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Donate $10
Donate $10 to Teakdoor. A Thai family of five could live on this for 3 Days, So think about all the poor Thai families, But sadly they will not be getting any of it, I would probably blow it on a carton of cigarettes, no no, only kidding, Obviously the money would be spent on improving the forum. updated 7-1-2008 Sadly with the state of the dollar over the past year or more and looking at how badly it has devalued against the Thai baht, that family of 5 would have had to resort to eating their children. $10.00 Donation

Donate $20
Donate $20 to Teakdoor. Now this is more like it, 20 Bucks = 800baht nearly, Yep that = 1 short time down Soi Yodsak, You do want to read more about short times in Soi Yodsak? updated 7-1-2008. At this time 20 dollars would feed the above family of five, or, pay for a few beers down Soi Yodsak. $20.00 Donation

Donate $50
Donate $50 to Teakdoor. 50 bucks=2,000baht, With this sort of money I can do reviews of the more high end places of ill repute as has been requested many times by many members(I have not forgotten Torbek) $50.00 Donation

Donate $100
Donate $100 to Teakdoor.I can't imagine anybody donating this much, But to a lot of people this is just an hours wages, Hell we start getting donations of this type I will buy myself a nice video camera to make short movies on the forum for downloading. Might even buy some more legit software for the forum aswell. $100.00 Donation

Donate $1000
Donate $1000 Help us feed poor farangs in Thailand,yes there are poor farangs starving to death in Thailand, there are alo farangs not getting no where near enough sex, so help them today. $1000.00 Donation


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