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    Quote Originally Posted by crepitas View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by rickschoppers View Post
    Couldn't hick since I had to sign the form denying any future interest in the land.


    So you guys paid for the land without receiving title?...TIT I guess..
    When we paid for the land, there were sales agreements filled out and copies given to both parties and my wife was given the deed. I was told we could not change the name on the deed at that time and that there was a waiting period? Maybe one of the more informed members knows the exact amount of years that one must wait.

    The proprty was purchased from a family friend and every time I asked her about changing names on the deed, she would say later. When I would go into my lecture about trusting people, she would just say Thailand, meaning nothing happens quickly here. I finally got her to make a move two weeks ago and it has taken that long to get everything organized. The bad news is that we have to do this again for a one rai plot we purchased before the four rai. It was purchased using the same method. My wife received a bill of sale along with the deed.

    I am not sure if this is all binding or not, but like my wife says, Thailand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickschoppers
    I was told we could not change the name on the deed at that time and that there was a waiting period?
    Depending on the title of the land, example Sor Por Gor, the name on the land paper cannot legally be changed until the death of the person named on it. Hence why the delay, as the family have been waiting for title owner to die. Legally, upon death the land can be name changed but, legally, it can only be transferred to another family member. In your case I think tea money was exchanged. That is my belief as to why yer missus hasn't changed the name prior. It sounds like the family sold the parent's land, to yous, before they died and never told him/her.

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