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    Quote Originally Posted by raycarey
    Originally Posted by Pragmatic unlikely he'd be visited by immigration. Quote: Originally Posted by Pragmatic I'd imagine you'd just get a warning if caught. unlikely? you'd imagine?
    Immigration doesn't cover work permits.
    There's a difference in doing a menial job ie cooking a breakfast or building yourself a brick BBQ to being an English teacher, or the likes, working full time.

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    It's just an extension of saving face, and the brainwashing that Thailand is the centre of the universe and Thai are naturally superior to all foreigners in everything.

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    In hua hin about three years ago, the immigration and labour police were watching restaurants after a complaint from a thai about foreigners working in foreign owned bars and cafes.

    One foreigner was arrested, he was observed serving coffee to guests.

    It turns out that the cafe was owned by his wife and they lived in the rooms above.

    The customers he served were in fact his mates who had come over for an afternoon chinwag and he had made coffee for them and brought it to the table.

    He paid 100,000 baht in fines to avoid prosecution, imprisonment and deportation.

    Another one caught on the same day was fined a similar amount for helping with the washing up in his mothers restaurant.

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