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    Travel visa requirements for a Philipino married to a Brit

    If a Filipina is married to a Brit, does she still have to fulfill the standard visa requirements for travel to EU countries that she would have if single, ie proof of regular employment, income, travel itinerary etc.. or does marriage to, and travel with, a Brit passport holder negate that, or at least make the process easier ?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, just not by me

    Thanks in advance.
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    @neo: I thought u can't stand Filipino food? Have you asked her to cook for you? Lol. And it's it's Filipino/a with an F, not Ph! If you'll marry one, better get the spelling right! You woyldn't want to be called Vritish, would you? Do you need the history lesson again? 55

    Kidding aside, I would think that if she's working in Dubai, then she has a work permit. That would make it easier, and she would be applying at the UK consulate in Dubai & not in Manila. The consulates in Manila, whether US, UK, Aus,Europe are very strict bcos of the dangers of overstaying tourists (and rightly so).

    I would assume that if you two were married, you would be the sponsor & woyld have to provide ur bank details, employment proof, invitation letter (may not need in this case), etc, - documents showing that you can sponsor her financially.

    I have gone through the visa process several times - US, Schengen & S. Korea. All approved. Work reasons for US &Schengen, tourism for Korea. The visa requirements are all similar. Lots of paperwork, but it is what it is. As long as she has complete papers & answers truthfully during the interview (if there's one), then there should be no problem in getting the visa.

    Btw, if you need a wedding singer, I moonlight as one, during weekends. Lol!

    Sorry for typos, am on fone

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