99 sea turtles released into the ocean
Vimolrat Singnikorn

Green turtles and hawksbill turtles were released into the sea at Samae Beach on Koh Larn on August 6 as part of the national policy on conserving and enhancing the ocean’s resources.

The turtles were from Sriracha Municipality’s Sea Turtle Preservation Center at Koh Loi Public Park. Sriracha Mayor Chatchai Timkrachang opened the brief ceremony for the event, which was also attended by Pattaya Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay.
The project to raise sea turtles and release them into the ocean began in 2000 as a cooperation between Sriracha Municipality, the Waste Water Management Authority, and Pattaya City. On this latest occasion, 99 sea turtles were released. They were all either green turtles or hawksbill turtles aged between three and five years.
Chelonia mydas is the formal name for the green turtle. It is known to grow up to 90-100 cm long and has the average weight of a mature individual, around 110-180 kilograms. The turtle’s plastron is a yellow hue, the limbs are dark-colored and lined with yellow, and are usually marked with a large dark brown spot in the center of each appendage. It feeds almost-exclusively on various species of sea grass and seaweed.
Otherwise known as Eretmocheiys imbricata, the hawksbill is a small to medium sized turtle with a shell length of 70 to 90 cm and an average weight of 35 to 36 kg. This species has two claws on each flipper and a beak-like mouth. The shell color is usually mottled brown with dark and light spots or streaks, and its undersides are light yellow or white. It feeds on small sea grass, plants, barnacles, fish, and especially sponges and sea urchins.

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