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    Sattahip coral reefs damaged by fisherman using explosives

    Patcharapol Panrak
    Fishermen using explosives in the ocean off Sattahip have caused damage to underwater sites, leading to a drop in the number of tourists diving in the area.
    The sunken World War Two warship HTMS Chuthatip in Saem San Bay is amongst the sites damaged, and dive tour operators are complaining that the bay’s exotic fish are being frightened away.
    Captain Chamnong Kittipiraphol, commander of Fleet 1 at Sattahip, says that many complaints have been received from Thai and foreign tourists that explosives have been used by fishermen around various islands in Saem San Bay and also around the area where HTMS Chuthatip has been laid to rest, between Koh Juang and Koh Rong Khone.
    Tourists are saying there are no scenic diving spots left and that all the large fish have deserted the area. Captain Chamnong reported the matter to Admiral Nopporn Achavakhom, commander of the Strategic Fleet, before sending his deputy Captain Pachon Ramkomot and a team to investigate.
    They found that explosions have occurred around HTMS Chuthatip, which lies 26 meters under the surface. The patrol investigated the various islands in the area and found that a lot of damage had been done to the coral reefs. Tourists and dive tour operators are now being asked if they have any information on who is carrying out the illicit bombings. Call the Strategic Fleet Command on 0 3843 8008.

    Pattaya Mail

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    ^ found this somewhere ... anyway I heard that most of the dynamite is being supplied to the fishermen by some bad guys working in the nearby military base ... I think this may be a case for "SuperSomchai" (oh I forgot, he is probably involved and will instead sit on his hands and accept a kick-back or a free feed or two at one of Pattaya's many seafood restaurants that sell the fish being bombed off the reefs)
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    F**king tossers. Tie them to the dynamite and drop them overboard for fish food.

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