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    Portable Electric generators

    Thinking of buying one and wondering what users views on Gasoline versus LPG powered generators --the gas sounds cheaper to run

    I am completely clueless about electricity other than avoiding touching live wires can someone tell me how you connect the generator to the household supply ---someone suggested you just plug it into a 13 amp house plug and it then backs up all round the house ---i gave up Physics at 13 years old but even to me that sounds too good to be true
    Advice gratefully received

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    This will give you the size you will need and then I suggest you get an electrician to connect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by donald36 View Post
    someone suggested you just plug it into a 13 amp house plug and it then backs up all round the house ---
    OK, doing that is a highly dangerous solution, just remember that the plug you plug in is live when the genny is running, you could also end up back-feeding into the network if you forget to open your incoming breaker (the MEA engineers working on the HV side of your transformer probably will not appreciate it).

    Either just plug a traily lead into the genny and plug your appliances into it, or for a permanent solution get a proper generator transfer switch, should be available from the place you get the genset.

    As to size, add up your loads and add 30-50%.

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