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    Pre fab wall panels?

    Just drove past a new house being built in the boonies here and noticed they were using what looked like prefabricated wall sections caged with mesh re-bar..looked like that white lightweight brick material as a core ?
    Would have stopped and taken photo but could not post here yet.
    Anyone seen this ?? Bloody good idea methinks.

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    25-05-2019 @ 07:42 AM
    I see these panels on truck in Photharam.
    I think that there manufactured nere Chun Bueng.

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    We had three 20 cm thick concrete slabs delivered for a bridge, and the sales executive showed us a brochure for a prefab concrete building. Photos showed columns, horizontal support beams, wall panels, and other structural members with rebar sticking out the ends. I guess you just spec out your house and they deliver this stuff to your site. Weld the ends, add some more rebar and then do some kind of pour to tie it all together.
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