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    Consumer Unit installation?

    I have just installed an ABB cu but i need to transfer the in-coming supply from the old cu. As anyone ever disconnected the power externally from the meter, or should i let a Thai sparky risk his life with the tangled mess outside?

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    Easy to do. Just requires nerve. Snip the seals on the wire cover box. Unscrew the 'Live' securing screw. With a pair of insulated pliers pull the 'Live' out until it's not touching anything. Replace in reverse.
    Lacking nerve ? Just get any Thai to do it for 50 Baht.
    Death is natures way of telling you to slow down.

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    I have to say it's not something that I would do myself. If something did go wrong it would be very very bad. You can get some serious short circuit currents. It's a small risk if you do it, but why take it.

    Btw in Bangkok every time we have done something that involves the main feed into the house we have ended up with the local utility coming round to look at the work and ok it. To be honest i don't the why's and fors or even if it's necessary for them to come. But they were not chasing bribes, they looked and gave us some paperwork.

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    it involves playing with live wires, so best to leave it to the suicide squad

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