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    Laminated interior doors

    So the other day at Global House interior doors that were laminated with Oak.They were completely laminated also the top,bottom and side edges and was told that you could not cut it to size because the inside of the door was made of MDF.To proof he showed me one door that was cut at the bottom side.

    The laminate was done with real Oak,I guess, and needed to be coloured.Doors looked awesome and cost 2500 Baht.They were also very heavy,I assume 20 kg or more.My question is if it could be trusted against termites and in humid areas like a bathroom.Since MDF is not really a friend of humidity,do you think the laminate will prevent it from absorbing the moisture?Any feedback very welcome.

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    For the bath;over time you'll end up with a oak skinned tampon. At that point you may want to introduce termites to get the door unstuck. Keep them dry and they should be good to go. Predrill for hinge screws and use long ones; 2" or so

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