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    Has anyone in the Chiang Mai area had any dealings or personal experience with that most elusive of creatures, the competent sparky?
    The good lady and I have recently acquired a pile in Mae Taeng of which we are rather fond but less so of the wiring set up. The place was farang built but I'm dubious of the electrickery and would like it looked over, preferably before we get fried in the shower or similar. (I haven't actually had a shower in the house yet as I'm offshore but I fear for the Missus...).
    I'm back at the weekend and would very much like to get onto this.
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    No, but I know a couple of guys who really know how to fuck up tiling and plumbing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benbaaa View Post
    No, but I know a couple of guys who really know how to fuck up tiling and plumbing.
    I'm sure they could really impress you with their wiring.

    We recently did the wiring on our small place, I had a mate who is a UK sparky go over everything with me. It wasn't a complicated job, but the 'electrician' didn't do anything as I asked and was very good at hiding it.

    Personally I don't think competent sparkys are elusive, more like non exisitent. Apparently it's like other trades here, they don't need formal training, because they're already experts.

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