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    Roofing Question

    I was wondering has anybody have any experience with using

    Polyurethane foam is an excellent substrate for flat, low-slope, pitched, saw toothed or domed roofs. Add a weather and UV resistant top coat, and SPF provides buildings with a seamless seal that lasts for decades.

    Most of my roof is a flat roof but parts of it are pitched roof and the reason for that is the ceilings inside the house are also pitched.

    I think I have solved the flat sections by using the fiber glass membrane most of the problems are caused by a bad design around where the pitched roof meets the flat roof, too many dry joints and the amount of rain we have had in the last couple of months in Phuket it has highlighted the leak problems at 3 points where the ridge tiles are.

    I cannot get inside the roof there is little or no space or cavity and I don't really want to strip the roof tiles off.

    What I did find was this spray on SPF if it works would be a lot quicker as it is sprayed on.

    Any guys have experience would be much appreciated

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    Be careful with it because it expands a lot,might even lift your ridge tiles

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    you can get black gunk in those tubes for guns

    it has a lot of bitumen so stays flexible; just pump it where the cracks are, smooth it on, and hope for the best

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