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    Preuksa Real Estate . A residents review.

    For many people considering buying a home in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces, sooner or later ( likely sooner ) you will come across a home built by Preuksa Real Estate. This company has gone from strength to strength and recently took over from Land and Home as Thailands number 1 developer.

    So who are Preuksa Real Estate ?

    Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited (PS) Company Profile -

    Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited Company Snapshot Purchase a Full Report on this Company
    Business Description:
    Preuksa Real Estate Public Company Limited is engaged in the sale of real estate in Thailand. The Company offers townhouses, single-detached houses and condominiums under the name of Baan Pruksa, Pruksa Ville, The Connect, The Plant, Passorn, Pruksa Village, The Seed, IVY, The Plant Citi, URBANO, Tree condo, ChapterOne, Be You and Condolette. As of December 31, 2009, the Company has seven subsidiaries, namely Kaysorn Construction Company Limited, Putthachart Estate Company Limited, Phanalee Estate Company Limited, Preuksa Oversea Company Limited, Preuksa International Company Limited, Preuksa India Housing Private Limited and Preuksa India Construction Private Limited

    And where are they going in the future :

    Preuksa turns eyes to Asia -

    Preuksa Real Estate expects to be one of the top-10 property firms in Asia by 2017, with estimated annual revenue of Bt100 billion, president and CEO Thongma Vijitpongpun said yesterday.

    The forecast follows the com-pany's achievement in seizing leadership of Thailand's residential market. Preuksa jumped from third place in 2008 to become market leader last year when it announced presales worth Bt22.8 billion and combined revenue of Bt19 billion.
    The former market leader, Land & Houses, had held the top spot since the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

    And how did they get to the number one slot ? Basicaly, by reducing construction costs using prefabricated panels that are assembled on site.
    The following video shows how the walls are made in the factory before being transported to the construction site. Its in Thai but easy to follow. All this technology comes from Germany and has been used here for a long time now so any teething troubles are pretty well sorted. As for the strength of the walls compared to conventional brick I can confirm that they are as strong as the video illustrates.

    The following video gives an idea of the interior specification of one of their cheaper homes , Preuksaville 25 apparently.

    More company blurb :

    YouTube -

    O.K so whats it like living in a Preuksa house. Well, we've been living in a village of their cheapest homes for 4 years now in this little 2 up 2 down ( 16 DRW )which cost us 650,000 4 years back and is going now for 850,000 ( we hope )

    And we will be moving to one of these 3 bedroomed places a few k down the road, slightly bigger ( 19.7 DRW ) costing us 1,138,000 presale but the final few now going for 1,500,000 , which is nice as thats 360,000 profit and we havn't moved in yet !

    So, Have we had any problems with our old place. Well no, we and our neighbours havn't but in another block built by a different gang of workers, two of the walls hadn't been fastened together properly and a half inch gap opened in the bathroom wall of said house and you could see next door. Preuksa repaired that house under contract and its been o.k. since. I have to say the walls are a lot stronger than the usual red brick and drilling through them presents a major job when you are installing air-con or additional plumbing. We have not heard of any leaking roofs either, at least not in our area.

    The problems we have faced do not concern the house but rather the other people in the village. At this level, almost everyone puts an extension on their house front and back and there are some real carbunkles about ( pictures to follow ). Although some people have extended with something very pleasing to the eye and colour coordinated , others seem to be blind to the ugliness of their homes. If this happens next to you its just tough, your house becomes worth a bit less. We have been lucky though so no problems there. HOWEVER ....Preuksa will tell you they have a policy regarding extensions and that ugliness is not allowed. In reality, no one takes a blind bit of notice of any regulations so you need to be lucky.

    My other gripe is the Park in front of our house. When Preuksa looked after it for the first 2 years it looked like this :

    Now that the local community look after it it usualy looks like this :

    On top of this, 25% of it was concreted over to make a Dtagraw court last year, something Preuksa should have taken into account when they built the park. Poor people do not as a rule play golf but Preuksa never learn and continue to make parks on their developments but nowhere for ball games.

    So thats it. Preuksa also make more upmarket places but they are all beyond our means , however I have looked at them and in general would say that ' Land and Home ' houses are slightly better thought out ( underground water tanks standard and holes ready made for air-con plumbing etc ) but a lot depends on location. the better the position the more you will pay.
    I'll post some pictures later of good and bad extensions which occur in any terraced village , regardless of builders.
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