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    qcon or superblock cost

    I'm going to build a small room next to my house for my father and other visitors.
    It will have aircon and so I was thinking to use qcon blocks of 20x20x60cm size.
    I've read a long thread on this on the forum but it is about two years old. Are they
    readily available from stockists in Khon Kaen or Khorat now? Or would I have to order
    direct from qcon? I'd only need about 500 bricks so it may be too small an order to go
    straight to the factory for.

    Are superblock of the same size easier to get? Are they easier for your average village
    builder to use?

    Anyone have any idea of the current costs of these products?

    If I'm using these blocks for the walls what would the forum recommend to use on the

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    Have used them as a lining to the Bedrooms with an air gap of 5cm, payed about 22bht in the Lampang area, no the workers have never seen them before.
    Use a special cement a bit hard to get some days! and not recmended for Wet areas, and Plaster is a little diffrent. Roof frame is steel chanell and Batten. Stenght is in the reinforcied concreat Portal concrtuction.

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