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    Hua Hin

    Main Electrical Supply

    I would appreciate some assistance with electrical supplies to our development. The developer has no funds and we (the residents) are now funding the installation of permanent electrical services.

    We are twelve three bedroom properties with pools & a/c:
    What size three phase transformer would be recommended for this combined load
    What would be the typical cost difference between overhead pylons and underground supplies
    Contact details for an approved electrical contractor for Hua Hin area would be appreciated


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    Quote Originally Posted by laarbruch
    The developer has no funds and we (the residents) are now funding the installation of permanent electrical services.
    Oh dear. You are embarking on a very tedious and irritating project.

    First contact your local government electrical office. Show them the details of your development. They will give you price to get electricity to the development. May or may not require a new transformer depending on where you are located.

    Not sure of price difference between underground vs overhead distribution of power but you can have a local electrical contractor give you quotes.

    You will need power meter at each unit so government can bill. These and the registration needed can be obtained again at your local government electrical office.

    Assume each unit will need telephone landlines. You will need to work with ToT to make this happen.

    Don't forget water distribution and metering.

    Don't envy you but good luck.
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    I found the local electricity office very helpful, even suggesting ways around some bureaucratic stuff

    You will need a local contractor to fit all the wiring from your houses to the meter point. That point will be specified by the elec office, your contractor can contact them to get all the info he needs

    The elec people will place all the poles and transformer, if needed, to the meter point(s), your contractor will connect up with them there

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