I need to sort out the water from the well one of my last big jobs to do around the house.

First off the house runs on rainwater last year installed 2 big tanks 15cm so on one half of the house we collect all the water, the big problem is the well there is lots of iron in the well water I still use the well to supply the pool and the garden.

The pool has such a high mineral content if we use to much water from the well it turns green once you put chlorine it turns rite in front of your eyes as for the garden we have a sprinkler system all the walls are now red coz of the iron I only painted it last year, even some plants are covered in it.

Ok, I have a filter on the line from the well with Zeolite as the media then that fills up the overflow tank on the pool then it goes through the pool filter as well also with Zeolite

I think I need to change the filter media to glass apparently it removes iron.

I'm looking at installing a automatic dosing pump on the line coming from the well and using Chlorine Dioxide.

Any guys on here using it in a similar situation or have experience of it for water treatment,

Cheers Guys