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Thread: Tiling Tips

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    Tiling Tips

    I know this has been asked before and i also started a thread about tiling a bathroom.

    However, I have a question about my tiles and the condition they are in, in such a short space of time.

    I bought quite cheap white tiles for the wall, but the floor tiles were quite expensive - a ridged slate non slip type which we choose for safety for the MIL.

    When i started the flooring, cleaning excess cement and finally grout was a ball-ache to say the least, taking around 4 days to clean but not with great effect.

    After a few weeks the tiles started to look like the drive way of a motor DIYer, looking greasy with dirt stained patches. When wet they look great, but dry the look quite messy.

    A month or so later I bought some chemical cleaner which appeared to do the job, then sealed them with another chemical based sealent. They look great but after only a week, returned to the stained dirty look.

    I'm considering tiling the upstairs bog but i'm likely to pay to have it done to save the hassle. But should i do it my self, is it best to do the following with tiles:

    1. Soak the tiles first to clean them

    2. Seal 48hrs before, before bonding them to allow easy cleaning.

    Also, the stuff i bought to clean was 1600 for both cleaner and sealer. Is there a recommended treatment to clean and seal. This stuff i bought was from Home Pro.

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    This is where you went wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesus Jones
    taking around 4 days to clean but not with great effect.
    Clean up same day everyday your working.

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