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    Interesting building pics..

    I like architecture and admiring nice buildings.

    I enjoyed this in Loas last year.

    Heres a few, more to come...add yours if ya av any..

    Saw this old shop in Muak Lek...must be a hundred years old

    These log cabins are available in Khao yai, dunno how much, but their selling speel states 'real log' homes.

    I saw them put it together and the log is hollow !!

    Love this polynesian style of hut roof. Wonder how they put the thantch on considering it usually comes here in metre and a bit long straight sections. I know in Bali they lay the spine up on the roof and then sew the grass onto it directly in place..

    Not usually a fan of this kind of look, but this one is in a nice setting next to the river in Kha yai and has a rather nice quaint cottgae look to to at 9 million..

    I like poisoning my neighbours dogs till they die cos I'm a cnut

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    This place looks exactly like the shop at the corner of soi Sri Bamphen and soi Saphan Khu not far from the Malaysia hotel in Bangkok.

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