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    Rising building costs?

    Given the rising cost of materials, how much has the the cost of building in Thailand increased? A friend built a two-bedroom detached house in Hat Yai last year for 1.2m (not including the cost of the land) and he reckons the same house would now cost him 1.8m to build. Have prices really risen that dramatically?

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    1.8 or even 1.2 is way to much you would be better of getting a builder from isaan to where ever you are planning to build the only real rise of cost was when the government introduced a 7 or 15 % tax 2 or 3 years. I was lucky as I signed a contract 3 months before it came in. Other than that I think the only real increase is due to the fuel prices going up.

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    1.8 million right now would get you a 180 m2 2 story 4 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms and 2 car parking area (land not included). Your mates figures are at best misleading, and i feel he is just justifying his purchase out loud.
    The cost varies a little on location and material prices are dictated by fuel costs and that is only going in one direction at the moment. Labour prices are fairly constant with Burmese gangs ten a penny. Quality varies wildly.
    You mates 2 bedroom might also have gold plated taps and an imported Italian designer kitchen, so making comparisons is difficult.

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