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Thread: White ants

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    White ants

    Hi, plan to build a classic thai style house nearby Lop Buri from teak and deng wood.

    Is there any way (100% sure) to avoid white ants? I know that white ants not eating deng wood

    Regards Rune

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    Farangland 1-1½ more year.
    Using anteaters as pet´s usually helps.

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    if you are only using Teak, no problem, but Mae Deng does get eaten by the little buggers

    the best way is to get a pest control company to pump insecticide into the ground beneath the house every year. This kills any there and keeps any more away. They drill lots of holes about 1m spacing and pressure pump their fluid in
    I have reported your post

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    down around the rocky head
    Dr. Andy,
    you don't have to go down the chemical treatment way to control termites. The use of any chemicals in these times should only be considered as a last resort especially in Thailand where the proper use and training in anything of a toxic nature is almost non-existant.
    Thais have a bad habit of disregarding any safety( if they bother to even read them) instructions and almost to a tee will overdose reasoning that if 1 ml/ltr works then 10mls/ltr has to work 10 times better!
    And then there's the cowboys who water down the mixes hoping to get a quick baht as it's a job for another stoopid 'alang.

    The smarter method to sort out termies is to design them out from the start.This is where Rune has an oppotunity to head em off at the pass.

    Termites need a food source( cellulose), they exist where the immediate environment has steady high humidity,no draughts,and they are photophobic preffering to live in the dark.

    When setting up the building site clear out all inviting plant material make sure site fill is also clean and allow good drainage.
    Simple things like not fitting water taps to exterior walls instead set them up away from the house, make sure all waste water including rain is delivered out well away from the building.Importantly check that all plumbing joint-work is sealed to stop leakage particullarly if under the structure.I like passing pipe-work out thru walls and into examinable ducts rather than thru floor penetrations where they remain consealed.

    Pour concrete footings and slabs as a monopour.No joints means less cracks for the buggers to enter up thru.Don't skimp on a little extra cement in the mix here- ensure a good strong base to build up from.

    Set slab and wall bases well up off the ground to force the termites out into light if they want to get up to the yummy stuff. use stirrups for pole and post work.

    If using materials that attract termites use them well up off the ground eg door frames and windows.

    Basically designing termites out is a case of wandering thru all the elements of your design and sighting them as a termite would do.

    Chemical treatments have poor respect for the house's occupants health ,kids playing outside, pets, edible gardens and the water table eventually inherits these chemicals plus they cost you.
    I built a home in an area infested wih termites and it has been up over 10 years now.

    A good reference site is here
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