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    Looking For Construction Consultants in Hua Hin area.

    I am looking for builders, landscapers, architects and people with specific knowledge for a large project in the Hua Hin area.

    I am building a resort and looking for the best options and costs for power, water, and sewer lines. I am looking at teak wood bungalows as well. I have seen several posts on the teak wood knockdown homes so more information on good contacts that deal in this realm would be good.

    I am in Thailand now for about a month, so I want to set up some appointments.

    Obviously I am paying for professional services. If you can refer some solid contacts in the Hua Hin area that would be great.

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    If you are looking for help to contact the right people/companies, send me an email which can be picked up from my website www qscthailand com

    Thailand Construction News (TCN)

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