I just thought I should let TD members near Sakeao know that my contractors are almost done the latest project for me. They have another job already lined up but if anyone wants a good reliable crew who have been indoctrinated in working for a Farang I can pass on their phone number.

They have been doing many jobs for me for over a year now including building my detached garage and their work has been good. Like any contractors they need supervision but after working for me several times they know that I don't accept Thai style cheap outs and I expect the work site cleaned up after the job. They have all their own tools and equipment.

We found them to be trust worthy and they have never asked for alcohol nor ever shown up to work drunk. They don't ask for cash advances only periodical payment for work completed which is logical IMHO. I have always purchased all the materials myself so haven't dealt with that aspect if someone wants them to do the buying.

My only complaint would be that they usually have other jobs lined up and will sometimes go to the other work site for a day. I'm guessing its to show their face to the new client.