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    Builder wanted in Pak Chong

    we will soon be starting to build a house near Pak Chong/Muak Lek and looking for a building company to sort it out either labour only or complets job
    Any ideas of good and even average companies appreciated

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    I've been quite happy with the builders who built my house, you can check it out in this thread- (Building a house in Isaan, for Dummies.)

    They're based in Khon Khaen, but do work all over. If you want their number, just PM me.
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    A Builder in korat, who has built at least 11 houses and has a good reputation, i know him, and you can liase through his daughter and her husband who is dutch and speaks excellent english.
    He can show you his projects,which is most important, as a reference point.
    Any builder you employ, make sure you look at their work and references.
    If you require his contact details pm me or leave another message here.

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    in a state of mind
    I know one for you, give us a call to chat about it and I can tell you then if they suitable.

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