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    Experiences of building with Q-con/Superblock

    Iím preparing to build a house on a site in Chiangmai town. Iíve decided to follow the current most popular method, i.e. reinforced concrete framework with block infill but want to use Q-con or Superblocks, for the infill, the lintels and both first and second floor, floor slabs. So far Iíve seen few houses in this area that use this type of block for wall, never mind lintels and floors and in those that I have the workmanship was awful. What experiences has anybody had of using aerated concrete in Thailand, did they find it easy to get builders to use them correctly, using thin bed adhesive and cutting the blocks square with a saw or is it as I fear, a bit beyond most of them?
    My plan is to use 20mm thick blocks for all exterior walls and 12.5mm for most of the interior.
    Any and all advice gratefully received particularly from those in the North.

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