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Thread: Water heater ?

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    Water heater ?

    Have a question about indivdual water heaters..... In the opinion or the BMs which is the best, what voltage do they operate on and of course the price of same.... I woiuld like to use heater for my bathroom hot water needs.

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    I live in the north have an inline AEG 4500 watt water heater. It is not enough for the cold season, IMO. one of abut 6kw or above should be better for nice hot showers on those cool tropical days. I think the one I have would be fine for warmer areas.
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    I use a small 6kw heater for our water; obviously it operates on the local voltage of nominally 240V

    It is enough to take the chill off for the shower and good enough for washing up etc

    It is a National multi-point, so that it automatically switches on when you open a tap - similar to shower heaters really
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    Cool water heaters

    ideally I would use an 8-9Kw heater but they need a decent 30Amp supply and that is not usually available so I would stick with the 6Kw from Tesco Lotus, its not ideal but it does the job

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    I think it depends greatly where you are. If you're in Bangkok or the South then just about anything will do; your water supply never gets REALLY cold.

    For up-country though, I think 6000 Watt is a good choice. These are readily available and not overly expensive. Will usually require running its own power cable + breaker. I got a 10,000 Watt one and that actually took some figuring out with the breaker & cable.

    Then for REALLY up-country into mountains and shit, that's where gas-heaters come in. If you're on a mountain in Mae Hong Son then there's just nothing else worth considering.

    BTW, if you have good water pressure then there's extra benefit in higher power heaters, because they can cope with the amount of water that flows through and heat it properly. Otherwise you'll find yourself opening the tap less, to keep the water hot. On the other hand if your water pressure is crap anyways then possibly a 4500 Watt heater will do.

    For brands I don't think you can go wrong with National. The 6000 Watt one I bought 10 years ago now sits under the kitchen sink for hot water there and keeps working perfectly. But then again this is pretty simple equipment... Had a cheapo Turbora or whatever heater somewhere and it worked fine, too.

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