Dear all,

After reading numerous construction threads on TD and elsewhere, decided to take the plunge and ask the community for advice. I am very grateful to all who shared their experience, with invaluable information! Learned quite a bit in the process!

My wife and I are planning to build our house in the Chaiyaphum district.

We have already approached companies such as J&P in Korat and GHP in Khon Kaen. Can't say I'm thrilled by their services or pricing. We provided them with specific requirements of room sizes, and other challenges we wanted addressed (eg. security). J&P for instance charges a hefty B45,000 for designing the house - a fee they claim they will deduce from the cost of the house if we go with them, but turns out the design will be some kind of basic floor plan, not a complete blue print. And I have the impression they're trying to railroad us into choosing a house from a photo album. Rather disappointing but none too surprising.

Wondering if any of you could recommend a local builder, or in the neighboring districts (Korat, Khon Kaen)?

Many thanks in advance,