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    Road Construction

    As far as I'm concerned they have to be the shittiest road builders. Terry57 sticks up for them in that he thinks the roads here are well made. From all my observations I've NEVER seen weight bearing stone used under a tarmac base course and I've never seen them put drainage pipes in where water is know to accumulate on the high side of the road.

    I'm unsure whether they do this to financial constraints or just plain ol' bad workmanship. Or that there are no stone quarries within the Buriram Province. Therefore making it as logistical nightmare to acquire some.

    Any way here are some pics of a typical shitty road build around where I live. They're currently turning a 2 lane road into 4. Why I don't know as most of the villages it will run through are too small.

    Above you can see the tipped soil from the rice field. Totally useless for road construction.

    Above they even fill in the pond next to the road to make an extra lane. No pipes put in go across the road to drain it.

    You can see on the opposite side of the road from the pond the water seeping through. This part of the road needs land drains installing.

    Just another angle to show the water leaking under the road.

    The road that is being built is already a quagmire due to the construction traffic. But when it gets too bad they'll just keep putting more soil on until it goes firm. What a waste of money.
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    'I'm unsure whether they do this to financial constraints or just plain ol' bad workmanship.'... you've not heard of the phrase "make do and mend" being used here before?

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    I suppose if ya live out in the sticks Somchai the road builder is a fooking Idiot.

    But he aint that much of a Idiot because he knows that his shit road building will forever keep him in a job.

    So I salute the fookin Retards eh.

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    Shitty indeed!

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